[KurdishLinux] interested in the KurdLUG project?

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Sat May 23 10:52:02 CEST 2009

Dear Kurdish Linuxers and Open Source users,

in the time between begin and middle of July i will be in Erbil for one or two 
weeks to meet some kurds and kurdish companies which are working with Linux 
and other open source unixoides to held workshops about special open source 
applications and internet networking with open source there.

It would be really nice to see some of yours in case you are interested to 
follow our idea to build a kurdish linux / unix user group - open to all 
peoples which want to learn, use and/or communicate over linux and open 

On the other hand i'm looking for at least one local moderator which is 
interested and able to moderate the KurdLUG mailing list or which are 
interested to maintain the build and grow of the LUG within their region or 
the LUG byself.

From my part i'm open to spent fast server and hosting resources to the 
KurdLUG i.e. for a website or other network applications (like XMMP IM, 
chat...). If there is further interest i will get your LUG in contact with 
other LUGs and OS communities i.e. in europe / germany and other countries.

Please feel free to contact the list or me directly in case of any questions 
or ideas. Contact me directly for make an appointment with me.

best regards,



  Niels Dettenbach
  nd at syndicat.com
  PGP public key ID 651CA20D
  Fingerprint: 55E0 4DCD B04C 4A49 1586  88AE 54DC 4465 651C A20D

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