[KurdishLinux] How many members do we have ?

Giggs giggs6 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 09:49:17 CET 2010


Quote: "Yes, we've been super lazy and detached lately. Yes, we deserve your
ire and pokings fun of."  - Bash.org

Hey all, how is it going ? sup Niels ? :)

I know i said i would start doing some work in order to introduce the
Kurdish youth to linux etc...But i've been super busy lately and didnt have
the time nor the enthusiasm to do so.

So this time, i though i should see how many members we have in our kurdlug,
and how many of them are in Erbil, if there are any, maybe we can meet and
talk about the Kurdlug, and then start doing something.

Lets hope that this time, *we will do something! :)

* ~Giggs*

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