[KurdishLinux] Kurdish Lug Website

Giggs giggs6 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 18:54:30 CEST 2009

Good Evening,

First i would like to welcome 'Al' to Kurdlug and hope together we can
introduce Linux and the open source foundation to the Kurdish youth in
Kurdistan. Am Kurdish 19 and i live in Arbil, i have been using Linux for 4
years now, i have some skills in php , ruby and general security.Currently
me and my friend started a small hosting company, we design and code
websites, test security and do whatever we can do..If anyone knows any
costumers just tell me :p.

I was thinking about linux-kurdistan.org and how its been under construction
for a while now, i know we dont have many members (3) only but we need to
build a website and get it up and running.we can use a free open-source cms,
register an IRC channel on freenode and introduce our selves to the Kurdish
community. its time to do something boys! so if anyone likes the idea just
tell me so we can work on this together.

Thats all

P.S: Niels, did you come to Arbil? you said you were coming.

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